Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mission Inn Traditions

Taking pictures of all the random junk in an antique store hardly seems like your typical Christmas tradition. But for me, Brandi, Alyssa, and Corinne, it has become a much anticipated ritual. This was our third year of adventures in downtown Riverside. The tradition actually started four years ago when my family went to the Mission Inn with Brandi's family to look at the fabulous lights. For some unknown reason, we ended up venturing inside this huge antique store. Brandi and I decided to entertain ourselves, so we started taking pictures of random things in the store. We had so much fun, we brought Alyssa and Corinne back the next year and thus the tradition began. This year was no exception. We found lots to laugh about! After our antiquing, a trip to BJ's was obviously necessary. We were all laughing so hard in our booth; I'm sure our waiter thought were were mental. It was a great night. Miss these girls!

Ugly Sweaters: an antique must.

Mission Inn Festival of Lights 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finals Week Madness

I experienced a new level of stress last week as I somehow managed to work almost 40 hours while writing two papers (one was 16 pages long!), and of course studying for and taking three final exams. I love working at the testing center, but finals week brought more craziness to my life than I planned. Thinking that three finals would be no big deal, I didn't even hesitate to sign up to work so many hours. I was actually excited about it. But once finals week hit, that excitement ended almost immediately as I realized that I had practically no time to study for my own exams! By some miracle, I manged to get through the week. Now I am home relaxing with the family and it feels just great.
The library: 2am.