Saturday, April 30, 2011

And just like that, it's over.

I can't believe that I'm finished with my sophomore year of college! How have two years just slipped past me? Don't get me wrong, they've been filled with the some of the best memories of my life. Life at Liberty Square was definitely an adventure this year! I really miss it. I met some of my best friends and I'm realizing that life in California, although warm and sunny, is just not the same without the people that made my life so wonderful up at school.

Free hot dog Fridays
Roommate sleepovers
Guitar parties
Brownie Wednesday
Comedy Sportz
Dinner group
April Fools pranks
30 Second to Mars/Neon Trees concert
Staying up way too late laughing
Ab workouts
Liberty Square
Cameron and Kurt: "aye aye aye yo!"
Jack Bauer
Family dinners at Uncle Steve's
Temple trips
Learning how to dougie
Halloween party
Friday lunches with the Gates sisters

A few of the girls in our wonderful relief society

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ultimate April Fools

I have to give my roommate credit for her work today. Emily really pulled off the best April Fools Pranks. She managed to distribute flyers with my photo and number around campus in the wilk and the library. I've been getting calls and texts all day long! She also put up a poster of me in the testing center. The testing center actually called me tonight asking me if they wanted them to take it down and if I wanted it back haha. She also did a bunch of other stuff at the apartment. She taped the little sink hose so that it would spray automatically when we turned on the water. A bucket of water splashed all over me as I was opening my bedroom door. Twice. A stream of water poured from the top of the toilet. My milk is green. The shower head is filled with blue dye. And my clothes are mixed with Morgan's in our closet. The pranks keep popping up...I'm a little scared to find out what else she did! But I give her props nonetheless.