Babysitting Quotes!

Brayden: "Bugs don't have moms and dads. Jesus makes them."

Did Dodo Birds exist when you were little?" -Julie Tibbitts

"Thank you for babysitting me. You are the best babysitter ever" -Lacey Stucki

"I know what a mission is! It's going to another place that doesn't know the gospel!" -Brayden Perkins

Me: "My middle name is Louise."
Logan Stucki: "Hahahaha! Can I tell Thor?"
Me: "Yeah sure."
Logan: "Thor, Christine's middle name is Louise!"
Thor: "Hahahahaha hahaha!"

Logan Stucki: "What's a democrap?"
Me: "Well, Obama is a democrat"
Logan: "Why? Because he's black?"

Me: "Have you heard of The Beatles?"
Whitney Garn: "No. I've only heard of the Black Eyed Peas."

Me: "How old do you think I am?"
Ryan Holmstrom: 35?
Megan Holmstrom: 5?

Me (to the Stucki/Stagg seven): "Who wants jello?"
Their replies: "I do! I do! I want green!" 

"You're really big" -Megan Holmstrom