Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I finally visited the famous Delicate Arch! What a fun trip. Lendrum, Lisa, Tolson, and I drove down to Moab a few weeks ago for some great camping, hiking, and of course, lots of pictures! We ended up only camping one night, primarily due to the fact that the sleeping bag I was borrowing let me freeze all night long. I probably only got 45 minutes of total sleep. It was quite miserable. But the rest of our trip was a blast! We went to Arches National Park on Saturday and then we camped and hiked in Canyonlands that night and the next day. Our Sunday hike was awesome. I had never done a hike like that before. A major part of the trail involved climbing over slickrock, which was pretty cool. It was absolutely beautiful as well. I'm used to hiking in the mountains so it was totally sweet to hike in and out of the canyons of Southern Utah. As far as camping goes, we were definitely prepared with all the necessities: banana boats, s'mores, popcorn, foil dinners, and roasted starbursts. We were going to have roasted pineapple too, but it was left at home, much to Lendrum's dismay. The weather was perfect for hiking during the day, though I wouldn't have complained if it had been a little warmer at night. Trying to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with frozen hands is a challenging task!

Balanced Rock. Game faces. 

Catching some air underneath Delicate Arch

Great photo by Lisa

Our best sides...

Just one of the incredible views from our hike in Canyonlands