Monday, July 23, 2012

Mona Rope Swing

A few weeks ago, we drove down to Mona with Kori and Rhen to check out this rope swing. It's pretty awesome. They've got this rope tied to the top of a tree and a few platforms you can climb up to and jump from. It was insanely crowded when we go there. I was worried that everyone was going to be watching me as I attempted to jump. The crowd died down though, and honestly, it wasn't as intimidating as I thought. The crowd, anyway. The swing itself scared me to death! I stood there for about 10 minutes contemplating if I was actually going to take that jump. Lendrum was up there with me trying to help encourage me. He must have counted to three about eight times haha. Finally, I jumped off the platform and when the time was right, I let go of the rope and fell into the water. Once I had taken that first jump, I was fine (but it sure took a lot for me to make that jump). I was so proud of myself! We had a blast with Kori and Rhen and Rhen's sisters as well. We ate at this little burger shack called Big Burger on the way back. I definitely didn't expect to see a little Indian man inside taking orders haha.

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