Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Lyrics!

Where You Belong

Wake up and feel the sun shining on my face
Another sunny day
In Californ-i-a

But though the weather's nice, I've got nothing to do
Wishing I was with you
Hoping you feel the same way too

I've been to the beach a hundred times
Felt the sand between my toes
Hollywood, Newport, and San Diego
It's not bad I suppose
But with summer so near and you so far
Baby I can't wait that long
I want you back in California
Back where you belong

I dream I'm walking along the coast with your had laced in mine
That would be just fine
I think about it all the time

We'd laugh as the tide comes in from the sea
You make me so happy
I need you here with me

'Cause I'm out here all alone
just waiting
Underneath a cloudless sky.
I'm out here all alone
just praying
That soon enough you'll arrive
And we can finally start our life...

Very rough draft of course! But a good start I'd say. Now I just need to write the guitar part...

1 comment:

  1. Ok Christine.... once you've gotten that guitar part written, you should make a video of you performing it! Looks like a great song in the making :)