Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two Decades Old!

My birthday came just as it does every year, but this time I turned 20. Wait, what? TWENTY? That just sounds so...old. Of course nobody else seems to think so, except for kids I babysit who have this idea in their heads, like me, that "twenty" means mature and grown up. It's kind of sad: I will never be a teenager again. But, moving "twenties" will be fantastic!

I was fortunate to get some nice Ed Hardy perfume and a good guitar case from my parents, a new pair of sweeet sunglasses from Sta, and a guitar stand from James. The stand came in three pieces, so James wrapped each one separately and hid them, making me read through riddles to find them. It was so cute. Sis. Rasmussen, Moose, and Sara came over for dessert and were joined by Travis and Mandy Speed a little later. Corinne was there for dinner (corned beef, as always!) and she brought be back an awesome bracelet from Vietnam and some strange Vietnamese candy haha. I had to work that day, which was kind of a bummer, but I guess that's just what twenty-year-olds do!

James hid my present in a tree!

Blowing out my candles

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