Monday, November 7, 2011

Chillin on a Dirt Road

"I'm hittin easy street on mud tires"
Once again, college has a way of killing my blog. It seems like this is a busy week for everyone except me so I will take adventage of my free time and write about my trip to Idaho last month. Definitely one of the best weekends I've had since coming up to school. I took the three hour trip with Lendrum, Tolson, and Lisa up to their aunt and uncle's ranch near Preston. The ranch was beautiful! There was so much fun stuff to do: four-wheeling, fishing, swimming, shooting, horseback riding, hot springs. We even had a chef cook all our meals! But the most enjoyable part for me was just being away from my cell phone, away from facebook, and away from homework for a weekend. It was just great to get away and focus on the people and environment that surrounded me.

Lease and I on the four-wheeler


Water slide crew!
Rhen, Kori, me, Lendrum, Tolson, Lisa, Christine, Zack

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  1. Christine, you look so attractive with a gun in hand, I recommend you pose like that often! haha :)