Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back in Provo!

I've been in Provo for about a week now and it sure feels good to be back. Don't get me wrong, I love California, but it is nice to be back here with all my friends and to be doing my own thing again. I never thought I'd say this, but I've missed Provo! On top of that, I've missed school in general and always being busy. I drove up with Corinne in her little buzz box and we managed to somehow fit a bunch of stuff in her car. I still have a few more things on the way that Brooke will bring up tomorrow on her way to BYU-I. The drive was fine, we got here safe and sound. We stopped at the Carpenter's house on our way up and visited with them for a little while. That night we went over to Courtenay and Andrew's apartment and they fed us dinner. Potstickers and rice! I slept over at Corinne's place and helped her move in the rest of her stuff the next morning. Then it was my turn to move in. I met my new roommates, Emily and Kellie, who I LOVE! The next morning, Corinne and I went to the airport to pick up Morgan. And yes, Morgan and I are roommies this year! Corinne dropped Morgan and I off at Buba's house and we went shopping for some stuff for our apartment and had lunch at Cafe Rio. Soo good. I hadn't been there in four months! After our little expedition with Buba, we soon realized that none of my family members would be able to take up home to Provo. I called Andrew Glenn who lives in Salt Lake and he was kind enough to give us a ride home. Thank goodness!

I've been getting back into the swing of college life and doing the whole school thing too. My classes this year: Elementary skills and activities, stats, world civilization, Book of Mormon, child literature, world religions, and TELL 410. So far, I would have to say my favorite class is world religions. Morgan and I are taking the class together and it seems really interesting! Our professor is great too. My world civ professor seems bland so I really hope she finds a way to spice things up. Its fun running into people on campus who I haven't seen in a while. As much as I love meeting new people, I hate to part with old friends. So I always love it when I see someone from the old ward or an old class. Speaking of wards, our new ward (the BYU 165th ward) is having a ward party tonight. Finally! I feel like I have barely met anyone from our new ward. I hope a lot of people show up.

Just so I don't forget...random fun this week: Let's see I went over to Kaitlyn, Hannah, LTA, and Kiersten's new apartment over at Campus Plaza to make cookies and write letters to Shmish! He leaves the MTC for Mozambique pretty soon. All our old roommates joined us and so did Jessica and Charity. Oh how I've missed the Kaitlyn cookies! Haha. Not to mention the LTA raspberry banana bread! We all got together yesterday for lunch and are going to make that a weekly get together since we all have a break on Wednesday at noon. The folk dance team was doing a presentation and asked for audience participation so Lisa and I got up at attempted to dance around the terrace. I also managed to look like a total freshman and walk into the wrong class a few days ago. So embarrassing. I sat there for about five minutes thinking about whether I should get up and leave in the middle of the professor's lecture and look like an idiot, or just sit there for an hour and no one would ever know. I decided on the former and left the class feeling really dumb. Haha. What else this week...Oh Andrew and Dan made a visit to BYU on Monday. It was really funny. We went grocery shopping with Morgan and Emily and parked out in "butt freaking Egypt." lol. Good times. Well this post has been long enough so I'd better go and get started on some real homework before the party at 7pm.

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