Friday, August 20, 2010

A day on a paddle board and bicycle

What an awesome day! Probably one of the best this summer! On Tuesday, I went to Dana Point with Sam Moreno, Nathan Beck, his wife, and their grandma. We started out the day on paddle boards, which are actually easier than they look and tons of fun. You stand up on an oversized surfboard and row with a big paddle. After I got used to the balancing, it was no problem. Sam fell off his board about 20 minutes in haha. It was so funny; I can't help but laugh every time I think about it. The funny thing was that he turned around to look at me and then just kinda fell to his knees and rolled off into the water. Very graceful! Before we returned the boards, we both decided to jump in. The water felt amazing! After our paddle board adventure, we drove up to Newport Beach where we rented bikes and rode to Huntington and ate lunch by the pier. Their grandma wore a bright orange vest when riding her bike, which made her look somewhat like a construction worker haha. We ate at a place called Duke's and apparently grandma knew the owner. Oh and she also knows my mom's side of the family because they all grew up in Riverside: funny story. Anyway, we rode to an ice cream place where we all got soft serve ice cream cones. Almost all of Sam's ice cream fell to the ground within three minutes of buying it! Sad day! We rode back to the bike shop in Newport where we realized we lost the yellow parking pass that we apparently "needed" to return the bikes. Nathan tried explaining the situation to the guy in the bike shop, but it was his grandma that set everything straight! Once we got everything worked out, Nathan, Ava, and grandma took their car home and Sam and I searched Orange County for the Ortega Highway to avoid traffic on the 91. It probably would have been faster to just take the 91 since nobody seemed to know where the Ortega was haha. We finally were headed in the right direction on the 5 but I guess we missed the exit for the Orgeta so we just took the 76. It was a fun ride though. I am so glad I got to go on this trip! I learned a few new Samoan words too lol. Some of them aren't very nice...I guess that's just how it goes hahaha.

Stopping for a break in Huntington

Nathan looked funny with his hat and sunscreen nose

Aww, poor Sam!

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