Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Unfortunately, I had to work on Saturday and Sunday. But on the bright side, I got Friday and Monday off and spent both days at the beach. The weather? Beautiful.

On Friday I learned to surf! I can finally call myself a true Californian. I went out in the water with Brittany and she taught be how to get up. I even caught a few waves myself! They were quite small, of course, but I was still excited to be standing up on a board in the ocean.

After surfing for the first time

Our crew!

Monday-Memorial Day-My beautiful twin and I spent the day at Torrey Pines and La Jolla. We didn't surf, but put our boogie board skills to the test, which proved unsuccessful since the waves were awful. The beach was crowded! I've never seen it that packed before. We ate dinner at Jose's (apparently that's where all the "young folk" go to hang out) and ate outside overlooking the stunning view of La Jolla's magnificent ocean. We had a few moments at the restaurant where we definitely made complete fools of ourselves-making a mess with the napkins, thinking the pepper was powdered alcohol, asking for silverware when it was right there on the table-but it was a great time. We watched the sun set down by the cove and chatted with an old lady who was livin up the retired life. We couldn't go home empty-handed, so we grabbed a few real estate magazines for the road. Maybe someday we'll be able to afford a closet in one of those beautiful homes!

Twins at the beach :)

A stunning sunset at sea

"Strikingly similar"

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  1. Christine! I'm so jealous of your beach trips! I haven't been to the beach at all yet! Lame. I know. And now that you know how to surf, you must teach me too! :) Oh and that first picture in the post...did you take that?! I love it! A lot! :)