Thursday, June 23, 2011

Parrrty in LA!

I have to thank my friend Andrew Glenn and my cousin Aaron for introducing me to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. And I have to thank Travis Tan for going with me to their show last week at Paramount Studios in LA! What a fun concert! The band played for the Billabong Design for Humanity event, which was pretty sweet. It took about 10 seconds for me to realize that I was wearing too many clothes though...I guess I missed the "wear absolutely nothing" memo haha. I guess I just felt out of place in my pair of ripped jeans and T-shirt, while ninety-five percent of the other girls there were wearing dresses that were cut off mid-buttox. Oh well. Before the event, Travis and I explored The Grove and then ate some French crepes at the Farmer's Market. Then we ate some cupcakes at Crum's...which probably added up to be more calories than both our dinners combined. Once we arrived at the studio backlot where the party was, we unknowingly stood in line for a while to get "over 21" wristbands. Whoops. We checked out the art shows, the surf board carving demonstration, and some other cool stuff that was there. They had a fashion show too, with real life models modeling real life swimwear. It was cool, except that we were standing right in front of a ginormous speaker and practically become deaf. Bad decision haha. The concert itself was awesome. And the crowd was way into the music (or just drunk) so that was fun. After the show, we waited around to see if we could talk to anyone in the band. Our patience paid off and we got to talk to Nora, the accordion/piano player AND Alex Ebert, the lead singer! I was pretty dang excited. I love live shows. I wish I could go to more haha. But oh what a wonderful night!

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