Friday, April 13, 2012


My life as of lately? Fantastic. I've had two California trip this semester, and a trip to South Carolina coming up next week! As far as school goes, this has been my best semester yet. It looks like I might pull off all A's, assuming I do a decent job on my finals. As far as blog updating, not so good. Here are a few highlights of the semester since my last post...

California Trip #1. Lendrum and his roommates signed up for a Spartan race in Temecula. The race itself was pretty intense: eight miles of hills and obstacles. Obviously, our boys all completed the race. Lendrum also got to meet my family. They loved him, of course!
California Trip #2. And the tradition continues: the annual President's Day road trip to the Golden State. Lendrum's brother McKay came along too! We didn't meet up with Kellie and Emily and the gang until a little later in the weekend. In the mean time, we had some fun kayaking in La Jolla, spotting dolphins, exploring Old Town San Diego, and playing games with my family. When we did meet up at Kellie's house, the fun continued with a game of wiffle ball at a park overlooking the beach. We hit up the beach a few more times, ate some great food, and headed back to Provo at the end of the weekend.
April Fools. Emily and Kellie didn't disappoint this year. Morgan and I woke up to find an apartment covered in newspaper.Our ceiling fan had glitter on it (good thing we figured that one out before we turned on the fan), our towels had kool aide powder on them, and our silverware had no-bite nail polish on it. Later that night, our underwear appeared in all the guys' stairwells at Santa Barbara. And then I received dozens of texts and calls inquiring about my add for chinchilla babies on Craigslist. Gotta love those girls! We've yet to unleash our revenge...
Blah Blah...Life couldn't get any better, honestly. Well, maybe I'd like to have a job lined up for this summer. That'd be nice. And maybe I'd like to just skip finals week and move right into summer. That'd be nice too. But I can't complain. I know it will all work out.

Favorite picture

Our kayaking get up!

The whole group at the park

Some Morrow boys

Happy April Fools!

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