Sunday, April 15, 2012

Roommates? Who would've thought...

If you knew us back when we were 12, you know that this picture pretty much describes our childhood. Crazy, wild, loud, and always laughing. What you might not have known back then is that my best friend would eventually become my college roommate, despite moving away to Georgia for a few years in the middle of high school. The memories we've shared together are literally countless. Car pool rides, inside jokes, Smallville, Girls Camps, home videos, high school dances, sleepovers, burning popcorn, boy drama, phone calls. More recently, California trips, movie premiers, sharing clothes, pillow talk, dance parties, concerts, approving (or not approving) guys, pranks, dinners, and lots of laughing, crying, and living.  Today it really hit me that this picture was taken almost ten years ago. If I had known then that I would still have Morgan Renae Kennedy as my best friend ten years later, I think I might have spent a few extra moments smiling every day. I continue to be amazed with life and the places God takes us. As summer creeps closer and closer, I am starting to realize that these are my last few months with this amazing girl. I've always known that she has wanted to serve a mission, but today she told me that she will be starting her papers next week. And what an incredible missionary she will be! Our lives will  both be taking great changes in direction  in the next several months, but I know that we will always be there for each other. I know this because we've done it before. We've been doing it for over ten years. And friendship like that never ends. Never.

Eighth grade promotion dance. Such a big deal. 

Paradise Point 

We still love the beach!

Rockin the Hepburn shades

Seaport Village

Visit to California! After a year in Georgia, CFA was a must

Reunited at college! Going out for the night.

Holi Holi!

Vegas Baby! 30 Seconds to Mars concert

Park City weekend

More 30STM. We're kind of obsessed...

Gaga cowgirl duo

Always my stylist

Hollywood music video shoot

LA skyline from Dodgers Stadium

Enjoying the sunshine out on the lake

Riverwoods. Tucanos. Mama K. 

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