Monday, May 14, 2012

Making moneys and memories

Ahh...summer is almost here. Time to drink lemonade, lay out by the pool, and read lots of books. Well, unless you're working two jobs and planning a wedding. But hey, I certainly can't complain. In the mornings, I work as a sanitation engineer (ok...custodian) at Heritage Halls and in the afternoons I head up to the McKay Building to work as an Arts Implementation Specialist for the Elementary Education department. I was really lucky to land both of these jobs because they are both super flexible. And the latter is great for my resume! I basically work on projects that promote the arts to Elementary Education majors at BYU. Right now we are preparing for a conference that will have lots of different classes on how to integrate arts into the classroom. I'm loving it. They also gave me a Macbook to use as long as I'm working for the department! Score. Lendrum is also working taking care of mentally handicapped people. It's a good job, but the hours are long and don't really line up with my schedule. He works till midnight three days out of the week, and by that time we are both usually dead tired. He also works a graveyard shift one night a week, which is awful. But we are both working hard to make money for our future life together, so it's all going to be worth it.

Wedding planning is definitely overwhelming, but I have an awesome mom who is doing so much. AND she is keeping her cell phone with her more often, which is a miracle in itself. It's kind of fun planning for the best day of my life. Lendrum and I are getting pretty excited about our Hawaii honeymoon as well. We have hotels and flights booked! On weekends, we usually have more time to do fun things and I try to manage my time so that I'm not caught up in wedding planning when we have time to spend together. Details that I've ironed out so far: wedding dress is bought, reception location is planned, sealing time is reserved, photographer is booked, colors are picked out, and announcements are coming along. We've still got a long way to go, but at least it's a start.

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