Thursday, August 12, 2010

"BYU is going to have a pink hair rebellion on their hands this year" -Corinne

I guess you could call it the sisterhood of the traveling pink hair streaks...But yes, I now have a strip of pink hair. I've been thinking that it would be fun if the dhfbff's and I all dyed our hair this summer so on Monday we bought some pink hair dye and each got a streak! It isn't really that noticeable, but i think it is satisfying to know that we all have it. After we got our hair done, we did Corinne's dogs. Seamus has a pink happy face on his back and Mayzey has a four leaf clover on her back left thigh. We even convinced Corinne's mom to get a streak! haha. We took the leftover hair dye outside to find cats so we could get them too. Probably not the best idea haha. But not to worry, we couldn't catch any cats. It was a really fun night! I am so glad that Brandi and Alyssa are finally home from BYU-I. It is nice to have all the DHFBFF's together again! :)

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