Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Christine and Brandi plus seven

Last weekend Brandi and I had the chance to babysit seven kids while their parents were out of town on a cruise. It was a little crazy at times, but tons of fun too! We watched Logan and Thor Stucki along with their five cousins Sydney, Lexy, Rylie, Reagan, and Ryder. The kids spent the first few days of the week at their grandparents house so Brandi and I watched them Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday. A few fun activities we did:

Making maracas out of plastic cups, rice, and duct tape.

Making Brandi's "Special treat" which was like a homemade pop tart filled with Nutella.

Like the new look? Haha. Brandi and I tried on some funny wigs and took pictures.

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