Monday, August 9, 2010

Potatoes please!

I had forgotten how much fun I have with my old friends from my high school newspaper class! What a great group of people. We all came together my senior year during our 5th period. Brandi, Alyssa, Maddy Kozich and myself were seniors. Travis Tan and Mandy Lomnicky were juniors. And Many Speed was the little freshman. I am so glad we still hang out and can still find news things to laugh about. Its kind of tradition to make funeral potatoes at someone's house. So last Tuesday, everyone except Mandy Lomnicky (out of town) came over to my house to do the same. Alyssa came late because of work. We ended up going out to dinner at Alberto's, acting like middle schoolers whose parents had given them a night out alone haha. Sometimes its liberating to act immature. We had a blast though. After our Mexican feast, we went to Stater Bros to buy the ingredients for the funeral potatoes, nicknamed "Mormon potatoes." We stood in the middle of the magazine isle for probably a half hour just laughing and talking. Then we went back to my house and made the potatoes and watched New Moon and made fun of it, also tradition. This time we focused on the awkwardly tense kisses between Bella and Edward and also compared Jacob's climb into Bella's room to Mandy's boyfriend doing the same with a ladder. When the potatoes were done, we ate and laughed until everyone went home. It was a very fun night! I definitely will miss these guys when I go back up to BYU.

A few noteworthy quotes of the night:
"Brandi, where's all the avocado sauce?"
-Me to Brandi at Alberto's. Everyone thought it was funny I said that instead of guacamole
"She learned it in her grocery shopping class"
-Me to Travis regarding Brandi's knowledge of measuring units for the sour cream
"With all those sports and all those grades, she can't even buy herself some f**king peppers!"
-Maddy to Mandy. She only had 37 cents to buy her green onion with
"Damn look at those good quality baskets. I wove them yesterday."
"Christine has the best refrigerator water. AquafreakingFina!"
"What a marshmallow"
-Jacob Black. haha.

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