Monday, August 16, 2010

Orange Country to Studebaker!

Last Tuesday, Corinne, Brandi, Rebekah and I hopped in Coco's buzz box and headed to Orange County. The first stop: Yorba Linda for Corinne's horn lesson. This was probably the least exciting part of our journey. Next stop: Newport Beach Temple! Upon arrival, we realized that the temple was closed for construction. We still had a great time eating lunch on the temple grounds and taking pictures. Then we drove to Long Beach where Corinne picked up her new french horn case. I have never seen a girl so excited about a case in my entire life! haha. She was just thrilled! We went to a gas station to change into our swim suits and there was this strange man who was talking to us in line for the bathrooms. He reminded me of Kevin from the Office! Seriously, this could be Kevin's brother or something haha. He was telling us how he has been to Lake Elsinore and he would catch lizards and their tails would fall off. Interesting. Next stop: the beach! Well, sort of. We drove around Long Beach trying to find a nice sandy beach with waves. Our search was unsuccessful. It was just a massive harbor. So we just found a sandy area and chilled out there. It was a sad excuse for a beach lol. As Brandi said, "this isn't a beach, its a place of sand and water!" We decided to leave after about an hour or two in the windy hell of all beaches. We pulled into a sketchy looking gas station and Brandi and Bekah went in and asked the guy at the cash register how to get to the 55 freeway. Apparently he had a very thick Indian accent and told them to get on "Stew Baker" hahaha. We were laughing forever because we realized the actual street was "Studebaker" lol. I had a great time with wonderful friends!

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